How to Enhance Creative Problem Solving in Instructional Media Production Assessment Course: a Finding from Needs

Nuttaphong Kanchanachaya, Praweenya Suwannatthachote, Siripaarn Suwanmonkma


The purpose of this research was to study the opinion of instructors and students regarding the current learning situation and trend to develop learning process in the instructional media production course in order to develop creative problem solving skill for students in education program. The sample consisted of 32 instructors in education department from 15 public universities and 438 students studying the bachelor degree in education in 8 universities and passed the teaching internship. The findings revealed that: 

Students and instructors emphasized on the practice in order to achieve the course objective. Students were taught to be self-learner and to know how to analyze, share their opinions and rational supports, and listen to opinion of others. In terms of instructional media use, many types of media were used interestedly, correctly, clearly, and easily to support understanding the instructional communication. Also, it allowed students to seek new knowledge. However, it lacked the use of expertise and previous knowledge of students. The process of teaching and learning should have emphasized the process to have students solve problems and apply their knowledge in different situations. Students still required variety of thoughts and aspects in order to help them with teaching and learning process.

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