Attitude and Management of Second-Hand Products in Developing Countries

Metta Kuning, Sarawut Chesoh, Kunwadee Srisuan, Muhamad Rifki Taufik, Pratistha Sharma, Supaporn Panatnachee, Mayuening Eso


The aim of the study was to investigate the attitudes of people concerning second-hand products and to find out about the management of these products. The informants were three sellers from Thailand and five customers from Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, Bhutan, and Thailand. The research employed as qualitative method using mainly in-depth interviews and the data was analyzed by content analysis. Two second-hand product categories clothes and other products were mentioned in this study. The results showed that there were two terms of attitudes regarding second-hand clothes including acceptance and rejection. The sellers had a positive attitude towards second-hand products because of good profits, while the customers had concerns about sanitation/hygiene. The second-hand management practices for sellers were a cyclic process where they re-sell the same goods repeatedly, while the people included the customers from this study donated their unwanted goods for selling since the donation is an attractive way to reduce unused belongings.

Keywords: second-hand product, attitude, management, acceptance, rejection, sanitation

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