The Framework for Development of Constructivist Web-Based Learning Environment Model to Enhance Mechanism and Critical Thinking for Undergraduate Students

Naritsara Loiypha, Sumalee Chaijaroen


The purpose of this research is to develop a framework of Constructivist web-based learning environment model to enhance undergraduate students’ mechanism and critical thinking. Model research was employed in this study (Richey & Klein, 2007), which focuses on processes of design and model development. The research procedures consist of three major steps: 1) document analysis and examination of learning and teaching context, 2) analyzing related principles and theories such as learning theory, Constructivist theories, Critical thinking, media theory and technology, and 3) synthesizing the theoretical framework and desingning framework for Constructivist web-based learning environment model to enhance mechanism and Critical thinking. The participants of this study were experts from various fields such as theorists, designers, developers, evaluators, researchers, and learners. The results of the study show that there are five basic elements of the theoretical framework, which are psychological base, pedagogical base, contextual base, technological base, and media symbol system base. The designing framework consisted of four stages are as follows: 1) the activation of cognitive structure and to enhance Critical thinking, 2) the support and enhancement of knowledge construction, 3) the enhancement of cognitive structure and Critical thinking, 4) the Encouragement and support of knowledge construction and learning performance and 6 elements as following: 1) Problem base, 2) Resources, 3) Collaboration, Coaching, 4) Critical thinking Lab, 5) Scaffolding, and 6) Cognitive Tools.

Keywords: Web-Based Learning, constructivist, Constructivist Web-Based Learning, Critical thinking, Mechanism, Mechanism of critical thinking

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